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New this year! We will be having free post-run yoga at the Iron Horse Half.  Sessions will last 10-15 minutes and will begin at 9:30am and run until approximately 11:45am. Yoga mats will be provided. We definitely recommend some yoga–it will speed your recovery and leave you feeling refreshed and centered.

After a short-lived cross country career in high school riddled with shin splints, Amy Hirtzel realized she would leave the running to the true runners. She remains inspired by the dedication and strength it takes to run long distance, and is in constant awe of runners and their abilities to persist. Amy retired her sneakers and now inspires the fitness community as a yoga teacher! She teaches body-positive yoga classes with motivational themes to focus your mind and body to work together and for you – not against you! Follow Amy online at, and if you are interested in bringing yoga into your workplace check out her involvement with